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General Examen

The general examen, heavily inspired by the practice of the same name promulgated by Ignatius of Loyola, uses personal reflection and fervent prayer as methods of worship. Its use orients one toward awareness of their constant relationship with the Holy Guardian Angel. A ritual of five steps gives it structure. It is most rewarding when exercised at least daily.

  1. Praise: Meditate on the intertwining relationship between the Angel and aspirant. Recite Cordis I:1.
  2. Summons: Invite the Angel to make his presence known and to guide you toward an account of his subtle contacts in their myriad forms. Recite Cordis II:30-36.
  3. The Man: Think over your experiences, hour by hour, since the previous examen. Look for incidences of strong emotions or surprise that arose during those hours. Make note of these. What was said and done in response to these incidents? What precipitated them? Be curious.
  4. Rejoicing: Rejoice in this theophany. Commit to deepening the conversation. Recite Cordis IV:23-26.
  5. Adoration: Marvel at the creative force of the angel arising in the midst. Resolve to bear his gladness into the world. Recite Cordis V:61-65. Close with the nepios prayer.

The accompanying recitations from The Heart Girt with the Serpent have been selected in part for their dramatic poignancy. They give the aspirant’s lips something provocative and inspiring to pray with until the day when they find themselves praying in their heart.

“Every breath, every word, every thought, every deed is an act of love with Thee.” —The Emancipated V:22