Xape is a gematria calculator and thesaurus. Enter a word or phrase of the selected language and Xape will calculate its enumerated value. Xape remembers previous inquiries and will show a list of other words and phrases which have the same value. The more Xape gets used, the more useful it becomes. Unless its dictionary gets filled with crap.

In future versions, the definitions of the word and its corollaries will be included in the display. Also planned is a means of marking and filtering for high-value matches in order to counter the aforementioned crap filling.

The Xape web interface is built over a simple RESTful API service written in Perl. You can embed these service requests into your own apps. Briefly, sending an Ajax GET query to "/777/he/iadnamad" will return a JSON bundle containing the enumerated value for the Hebrew ("he") word "iadnamad", UTF-8 encoded Hebrew rendering of the word, and an array of corollated words. You can also query directly in the native character set, as in "/777/he/יאדןאמאד".

Each language can have a transliteration of more easily typed Latin characters. The transliteration mapping is available at, e.g., "/languages/he/xlit" for Hebrew.

The project is available for cloning/forking on Github. Bug reports, feature suggestions, and—most especially—pull requests are welcome there.