eralegis.js — jQuery helper library for rendering Era Legis dates

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The purpose of this time service is to provide a relatively easy means of including the Thelemic date into HTML content as plain old text rather than images. Unlike images, text can be styled with CSS, flows more evenly with the surrounding content, and can be scaled and transformed in numerous ways.

To include the current Thelemic date, the simplest usage of this API is:

<span class="date93"></span>
<script src=""></script>

This assumes you have already loaded jQuery. It must be loaded before the eralegis.js script.

The "date93" class triggers the functionality. The element could be a <span>, <div>, <p>, or many other elements so long as they are assigned that class. The style of the date output as well as the time zone or using a date other than the present can be controlled by setting attributes to this element. This is best described with a few examples, the markup followed by the stylized output.


<span data-evdate="2012-12-09 05:35:00" class="date93"></span>
☉ in 17° Sagittarii : ☽ in 20° Librae : dies Solis : Anno ⅠⅤⅹⅹ æræ legis
<span data-evdate="2012-12-09 05:35:00" data-tz="US/Pacific" class="date93"></span>
☉ in 17° Sagittarii : ☽ in 20° Librae : dies Saturni : Anno ⅠⅤⅹⅹ æræ legis
<span data-evdate="2012-12-09 05:35:00" data-show-deg="0" class="date93"></span>
☉ in Sagittario : ☽ in Libra : dies Solis : Anno ⅠⅤⅹⅹ æræ legis
<span data-evdate="2012-12-09 05:35:00" data-lang="symbol" class="date93"></span>
☉ in 17° ♐ : ☽ in 20° ♎ : ☉ : ⅠⅤⅹⅹ
<span data-evdate="2012-12-09 05:35:00" class="date93" data-show-deg="0" data-show-dow="0" data-show-year="0" data-show-terse="1" data-lang="symbol"></span>
☉ ♐ : ☽ ♎
If the standard attribute flags don't provide enough configurability, the output can be run through a custom template:
<span data-evdate="2012-12-09 05:35:00" class="date93" data-lang="english">Sol in {ssign}, Luna in {lsign}, {dow}</span>
Sol in Sagittarius, Luna in Libra, Sunday
<span data-evdate="2012-12-09 05:35:00" class="date93" data-lang="symbol">Our Lord and Father the Sun in {sdeg}° {ssign}, year {year1}:{year2}</span>
Our Lord and Father the Sun in 17° ♐, year ⅠⅤ:ⅹⅹ
The template variables are ssign, sdeg, lsign, ldeg, dow, year1, year2.


General attributes:
A date or timestamp in ISO8601 format (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS). Defaults to now.
One of latin (default), english, symbol, or poor-latin.
Appropriate time zone values are TZ values from the IANA zoneinfo database (common list here). Only used for day-of-week calculation. Defaults to UTC.
Render year values in Roman numerals. Defaults to 1. Set to 0 for Arabic.
Attributes which alter the default template:
Render the "in" in "Sol in Pisces". Defaults to 0.
Render the numeric degree value and degree symbol. Defaults to 1.
Render the day of the week. Defaults to 1.
Render the year. Defaults to 1.

Other notes

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